Kevin, there’s something I have to tell you!

“I was born in 1931 and no, I never lied to you, I am 23. But I’ve been 23 since the year 1954.”

I know…, I know. It’s impossible, yea? No one lives forever… But sometimes they do.

In 1953, I got married. A few weeks after the wedding, I suddenly fell ill. My husband took me to a hospital. I was there for almost a week. I was in so much pain and no one, not even the doctor, nor the lab result could say what was actually wrong.

One night, in the hospital, a stranger came to see me. He told me, “Chinny, you’re going to die tomorrow.”
That was my name then, the name I was born with.

This man, the stranger, he offered me a chance to live forever. “Meaning i could stay young forever!”
Well, of course, my first thought was, the devil has come to tempt me. But he wasn’t the devil. And of course, I don’t believe in the devil. They’re powerful beings on this earth, far beyond a mere mind can fathom. My point is, this man offered me a chance to live, and I took it.
I will live forever. I will never age. I cannot be harmed, not physically. I can’t be hurt by bullets, or knives, or fire, or even Boko Haram explosions. I can’t be hurt by disease – In fact, I can’t even catch a cold.

When my husband was 45, he died in a fire accident. At his funeral, the stranger came to see me again. He asked me if I wanted to… give up my gift, and… die.

I thought about it. But I said, No. I wasn’t ready. I knew there was more for me. I have centuries and centuries ahead ahead of me. These first hundred years, are like a drop in the ocean. Moreover, it feels good to be supernatural.

My husband never knew about me, and I don’t have a choice. I don’t want to go through that again. I don’t want to fall in love again for twenty years. ’20 years is gone in the blink of an eye’ and I’m looking for someone to love forever.

Most people, when they say Forever, they mean… well, they don’t really mean forever. But I do.

“I’m in love with you, Kevin. And I’m asking you to share forever with me.
You should meet ‘the stranger’ also, so we can both share our forever for ever.

Kevin looked straight into my eyes in a confused state. I lowered my eyes and then snapped out of my Imagination 😔


Special thanks to my crazy friend Faith Chisom Ogbonna for this beautiful piece!

Your imagination is out of this world.


Few days back, I was super excited about having my personal journal on a blog because that way I won’t have to worry about where I kept it and all; but damn! “I was wrong.”

Writing about my day to day life hasn’t been much of a big deal until now…

The reality of being vulnerable is a big deal honestly. Knowing that someone else might read my thought is kind of scary I must confess.

I feel the need to be perfect in everything and that includes making sure my punctuations are right, spellings are correct and so on…, but then, “who perfection help?”

So this is me trying to allow myself to be vulnerable.

This is me trying to open up without feeling judged.

For a very longtime, I was known as that ‘cool, calm and collected girl, who always rationalizes everything she does…

The problem with being this way is that I’ve allowed my desire for perfection hinder me from reaching so many of my goals and passion of which you’ll get to know if you continue reading my blog. As for now, not anymore!! This girl knows better.

She now knows that her only limitation is “her” not the world, nor the people around her.

So today, “I promise to always take a leap of faith whenever the need arise

I promise to walk on water without questioning God if He placed a bridge underneath.

I promise to embrace every of life’s opportunities and live enjoying every moment.

I promise to be unapologetic for being me.” So help me God.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I’ve realized over time that I like putting my thoughts into writing, not that I am an exceptional writer but because ‘writing gives me joy’ and how best can one live life if not by “doing the things that brings you joy?” So here I am, ‘a slim, small, girl’ in her mid twenties, ready to share the rest of her life with the world by doing what she loves.

Don’t get it wrong, I’m not depressed, neither am I lonely; I just need a space to write about my daily life.

I’ve actually been doing this whole writing thing in my personal journal but the truth is, I end up misplacing it; and that my darling is crazy.

So ya, now that you know my reason for creating this platform, welcome to my world “Sally’s World” some days can be fun filled and all… My life at the moment can be described in one word “building.”

I’m currently working really hard to build a great future for myself and family, and while I do that I want to enjoy my process.